To accent the magnificence of the dress, one needs a captivating bridal bouquet. Our silk floral bouquets are not only elegant but lasts beyond your wedding day. Did you know that the origin of bridal bouquets is from ancient times, women carried aromatic bunches of garlic, herbs and spices to ward off evil spirits. In ancient Greece and Rome, the bride and groom wore a garland around their necks, symbolizing new life, hope and fertility. 

Well gone are those days, but 9th Archers has got you covered no matter your bouquet style of choice. Our flowers are as realistic as it gets.


For your once in a  lifetime event, wedding decorations is of pivotal importance. 9th Archer Events ensures that we capture the essence and style of the  bride and groom to be, in our decorations. We understand that each couple is different and we aim to bring individuality to our weddings. Be it simple or elaborate, our aim is for perfection. Write us to request a quote for your wedding.


Be it corporate or social events, even a simple family gathering, that is dear to the heart, 9th Archer Events, brings a heartfelt touch to your we decor. Don't hesitate to call us and request a quote for your event decor. Our Service include Balloon and Floral Decorations, Table settings, backdrops, centerpieces and much more.